The Long Winter

010 Romania is getting record breaking snow. Despite the warm start in the fall and the thought that there may never be any snow this year; Mid January hit full force. In parts of Romania the snow has covered houses completely…. Our area isn’t that bad, but we have had more snow that I have seen since living here and all in the last month! amazing when you consider the short amount of time this fell.

097Instead of staying inside we braved the cold the other day and had a lot of fun taking pics to remember the deep snowfall. Right now they are comparing this to what happened in the 50’s so I felt like it was important to document the history for the kids. They might never see this much snow again here. 🙂

 107We enjoy sledding, we are learning to ski, learning to ice skate. I am trying to find as many active things to do in the winter as I can! It is as important for my attitude as it is for our activity level! Although I admit there are certainly times just the idea of getting ready to go outside and play makes us NOT do it. Alec loves the snow more than Eli did when he was that age. He scares me a bit as he wants to be just like his older brother and some of the hills that he chooses to sled on would not be ones I would choose for his age!

036 Here is a giant snowman that we made with Daddy’s help… we got a little carried away!

An interesting note, Eli is learning to read and write and one of the first words he spelled by himself was snow and he did it correctly! 😀

I will say that I am excited about heading to the States in one week to visit my family; who interestingly enough live in the South. So I will be going from cold, snowy weather to warm springtime! I told my mom that we were pulling out some Summer clothes and she laughed at us… but I think going from high 20’s in 24 hours to mid to high 70’s will feel pretty hot!


One thought on “The Long Winter

  1. Love it. Am enjoying your blog. Sorry I missed the snow. I was so disappointed when I was there that we never had a really BIG snowfall!


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