Unending Determination

It is interesting how each child is so different. Although, not unexpected, as we as humans vary so greatly one to another! Somehow we have this idea that each baby will respond to the same things and once we know kids we can help anyone with our wisdom. 😉 Each day that passes I realize more and more there is no “one” answer to parenting….

029I see that difference every day between my 2 boys: I have discovered that my oldest is a bit of a perfectionist. This has become clear while teaching him to read. He prefers to not “sound” things out, he wants to wait until he can say it fast with no mistakes. He gets frustrated when he can’t, or when I don’t let him. What I am trying to teach him right now is to realize in order to be good at something one must practice and sometimes not be “great” or to always win.

My youngest though is one that will not give up until he accomplishes it, if he is interested. He can sit for hours working on something very detailed. Today we celebrated Alec’s upcoming 3rd birthday with Cristian’s family as we will be in the states on his actual birthday. He received a little bow and arrow (with plastic points). Really much too hard for a little guy to figure out and a lot of fine motor skills; balancing the arrow in the string, holding just the arrow while pulling back, letting all of it go and not holding onto the string or arrow while holding your other hand still to aim. He did not give up. He spent a good hour, maybe more, trying and trying again. No frustration (other than when someone tried to help him). He got really good at it!

Trying…   025


034  Yeah, finally! …. so proud…


Then of course he managed to play with it the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. Of course, it helps to have people as wonderful as daddy to play with!

How can this not be fun?



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