The Last Stretch

A part of living in a country far away from your family is every once in awhile you get to travel back! We head out Saturday for a month long excursion to the States. It has been a whirlwind of getting planned and prepared the past few days. Cristian will join us with his mom in the middle of the month. Upstairs right now I have piles for each of us. I have a carry on for each of us, I am so excited about having help pulling bags! Usually I do it all myself!

I think we have everything we need… if not it is always nice to know a Wal-Mart will be close by.

We were doing so well staying healthy, until yesterday! All of us have a slight cold. No fun and quite intimidating for me; We will have about 15 hours where I have to deal with both boys all by myself. I am used to that, but I have never done it sick! Praying we will all feel better soon.

So, I get this question a LOT, how hard is it to fly with 2 boys by yourself? Flying long haul is tiring for anyone, I joke about waiting for the day I can drug my kids. 😉 I keep hearing my parents talk about ambient…. All in all you set your mindset that you are “on duty” and you will not get a break to the end. If I do get a break WONDERFUL, but if I have that expectation and it falls through it is frustrating. I come prepared with snacks, small toys, dvd player, activity and coloring books…. oh! I need to make sure to grab colors and pencils!!! The boys are usually well behaved and they understand they have to sit for a long time and be good, they tend to do GREAT!!! So I usually am not worried and stressed about the plane ride.

The hardest part for me is jetlag after. Anyone who says kids don’t struggle with jet lag are crazy.  The first night for me is always the worst. I am SO tired from the trip itself when I am by myself I sleep a whole night. The waking up at strange hours starts after that. It doesn’t work that way when you have kids; not to mention kids are different! Eli wakes up around 4am the first few days. Alec wakes up at 2am. So I will most likely be up from 2-6am! ack! Alec also has a harder time adjusting and he usually spends the whole time in the states waking up at 5am! I am HOPING that since both are older they can be quiet and let me sleep! wouldn’t that be nice?!

Another thing that I am looking forward too but can be hard on the body is the temperature jump! We are going from lows in the teens and highs in the 30’s to lows in the 40’s highs in the 70’s!

So goodbye snow and hello warmth!



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