It’s NOT what you think!

Raising bilingual children is so much fun! It is amazing to hear them learning the different languages, seeing how they process, how language develops. Along with this comes some challenges as well. Words in one country do not mean the same thing in another country….

For example: Foot in English is a  curse word in Romanian.

and if you hear my kids saying “F** you” I promise they are not swearing. A face is the verb “to be”. Which you use a LOT by the way! First person is “Fac”. It’s common to say “Fac Eu” – like saying “I’ll do it”.

Now, I can’t use that excuse on many things… but it was embarrassing sometimes to be in the states and have your kids start talking to you in Romanian and the people around were making their own judgments about what kind of mother you are!

So be kind to bilingual, cross cultural children… and their mothers. It’s not as simple as it might seem!


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