Ahhh…. the joys of jetlag…

sceptersI wish the world was a smaller place, and yet I am glad I do not live back in the days where boats were the only way across the ocean, or even further back when there was no way across… It is truly amazing to think that in 10 hours we can make it across half the world. The total trip is around 16 hours to the east coast.trams

The trip no matter how you do it is tiring. There are good memories and tiring moments. Moments when your children are perfect angels and times when you find you threatening that you might leave them behind if they don’t stay next to you.

023What can make it more challenging are delays, layovers, lack of items ordered (children’s meals!), and broken entertainment equipment (none of the in-flight entertainment worked for us). Then there is the other side of the ocean, brain fuzz we call jet lag as well as utter exhaustion at EARLY mornings and a lot of traveling.

chess  Of course, then you have the joy of restored relationships, memories that are priceless, connecting with friends and family…. In my opinion the latter far outweighs the first!

So far we have enjoyed Albany, GA; San Antonio, Richmond and Houston, TX!! We still have places in Texas, California and Nevada to see! Here’s to a month of memories!


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