Dinosaurs, Camping and Celebrating 109…

I am behind. But there is a good reason. Traveling is tiring! I am back in Romania and am catching up on my blog…

bluebonnetsSo, I left off sharing about a wonderful time with my family, it didn’t stop there. The boys and I headed to my brother’s house once spring break started. My sister in law and I went “artsy” for her birthday and we painted canvases! what fun! The boys enjoyed going thikeo a theater, an ice hockey game, dinner in a train, Fiesta Texas where Eli rode his first HUGE roller coaster and loved it, dinner with Jack Sparrow as our waiter,  jumped on the trampoline with the cousins and lots of other fun things in a very short few days because then we headed up towards Glen Rose Dinosaur Valley State Park for the last part of spring break. On the way up we stopped to see the bluebonnets…

Cristian and his mother joined us while we were there, I know not the “nicest” way to welcome them to the States, but it smoreswas the best we could do! It was a great time of spending time with family, no one working…. We must keep up that tradition (everyone taking time off work to be together).  The boys loved their first camping experience and I HAD to bring back the makings for S’mores. We enjoyed a long hike through the area, ending with the older boys finding a geocache and now Eli is fascinated! Dad had all 5 boys perched on a overhang on a long drop, Amy joined him before I got the pic!

We enjoyed hanging out, the weather was gorgeous and the scenery beautiful. ycousinsWe fell in love with dinosaurs all over again.

The little ones got into tons of trouble in a fairly safe environment.. and when you see these faces can you imagine the trouble set out for us in the future?

A highlight for me was celebrating 109 years! I had a cake made by a friend of mine and we celebrated 4 birthdays! My Mom, my Sister in law, Conor and Alec! what fun memories…. 109

From there we headed to the Rodeo in Austin and saw Papa #2 (my dad’s identical twin brother) and his wife and007 then headed down to see my grandmother on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. There was a LOT of traveling and the kids were GREAT! I am so impressed with them….  We spent a few more days at my parent’s house before we flew out to California. I got a picture of my littlest “befriending” this one statue in my mom’s garden…. He has always been fascinated with them, talking to them and such…. like he thinks they are real… so cute!


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