Reunion of friends and family….

reganamy After leaving my parents we had 6 days left and we made the most of them! It was tiring but  enjoyable. We flew to California and were able to meet up with a childhood friend, one of my best friends. You know, the type that when you see after 6 years it feels like you never stepped away? You don’t have that “getting to know each other” reganboysperiod again. You are just beautifully “there” for however long or short that time is? Well this is that type of friend and what a joy it was to see her again! Our boys, 5 in all, enjoyed their time together as well!

Then we headed out towards Vegas and in the evening we made a drastic change of plans, we decided to drive out of the way to L.A. to see my cousin and her 3 kids who were not able to make it to Vegas while we were there. Cristian also wanted his mom to see some of L.A. cousinsla(though it is the city that always seems to escape us; although we saw more than before we still have not managed to really see much! maybe one of these times!) My awesome travelers certainly made that choice easy on us. they were such troupers seeing as we traveled probably 30 hours in the car that last week!!! Right before a long flight back…

We got to Vegas and enjoyed getting to see my other cousin and her new daughter! My oldest fell in love with my cousin, no real surprise… she is certainly one to fall in love with! We enjoyed time with my aunt and uncle. During our “family” time in Vegas we went to a had pizza, went to a buffet and just spent some time hanging out. (and Cristian and Terry played poker at our hotel). I think everyone enjoyed the time together. nansiandbaby

Family is so important to me, it is also important for my children to meet my family. This has always been important to me, but I think living in another country makes it more important to hold onto those ties. I was so impressed with Alec, he is usually the one that has a hard time adjusting. I guess by the end of the trip he gave up being shy! He instantly warmed up to friends and family and really enjoyed the VERY short time we had together!


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