San Francisco

goldengateA beautiful city! We were able to stay at the Wharf Inn; it was simple, and when the neighbor went to his room it sounded like they were trying to get into ours! But it was a nice place and we enjoyed the location.. It was close to pier 43 1/2 near the Boudin bakery. We got a bear to split later but Eli wanted to keep him forever. He was quite upset when he learned the fate we had planned for his new friend!sourdoughbread

The first night of exploring we stopped at the Musee Mecanique which was a lot of fun. We were able to let the kids enjoy games from my grandmother’s time as well as some from my childhood – though it made me feel old the fact that Spyhunter was in the MUSEUM! 😉  We ate at Rainforest Cafe, which was the first place Cristian ever ate the first time he came to the states! It was gorgeous weather…pier39sealions. and we were confused as to why there was heat on in our room…pier39

The second day we discovered there was wisdom in that. IT was rainy and COLD!!! We tried to get tickets to Alcatraz and were unsuccessful, I forgot to buy them in advance… so disappointing. 😦  We did enjoy the sea lions and carousel all before the rain started. We headed out towards Muir woods and on the way the storm came in. The woods were fairly protected and as Alec slept in the car and Cristian watched a movie I took Eli and Cristian’s mom to see the redwoods. muir2Nearly 10 years ago Cristian and I went to the Avenue of the Giants with my dad and really wanted his mom to experience something of the sort. There is nothing quite like walking through a place where you realize how small you actually are! We had a really nice time….

muir-woodsI didn’t want to leave California without seeing the coast, but with the weather the best place was a place close to Muir woods. Cristian, Alec and I braved the wind and rain to go to the choppy coast. It was amazing and powerful… The wind was so strong the sea foam was being whipped off the ocean like pieces of Styrofoam! Amazing.  We got back to our hotel and walked around to the candy shop and ice cream and then got back to the hotel and started drying out our clothes and warming up with the heat! Ah wonderful heat! Cristian got us food and coastthen he and I headed out on a date to a movie.

The next morning we got the car packed and headed to the airport. We managed to get to the airport in plenty of time. The kids once more enjoyed the tram! Our first flight was from San Francisco – Amsterdam. We left late and got there a little late. Rushed through the airport and barely made it to the next flight, as they do in Europe they held the plane for us and we are SO grateful for that! They warned us that our bags probably wouldn’t make it. We got to Budapest and discovered that all but one of our bags and the booster seat made it! What a nice surprise! We got our bags and headed back to Cluj. The kids were amazing during the whole trip. Though jetlag coming back has been quite difficult. More than usual. I am not sure if it was because we were more tired than usual, more adjusted to the states than usual, or California time instead of Texas time. Either way it has been a LONG week. We are finally getting back on track. The downside of travel across the ocean is certainly jet lag and it’s a feeling you can not quite express to those who have never experienced it. You get hungry at all the wrong times, your body wakes up at strange hours and just can’t get back to sleep. In the middle of the afternoon your brain seemingly “shuts down” and you are ready to sleep… you feel buzzed and you are glad when it is over!


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