Shows and more….

casinoview  This trip we spent more time than usual being a “tourist”. Usually times back are times just with family and a few things together with family. We were able to see new places and new things and it was a pretty nice time. In Texas we took Cristian’s mom to the Austin Rodeo – which all really enjoyed. Down to San Antonio River walk and took a walk over to the Alamo. In Vegas we stayed on the Strip in Treasure Island (though we did not get to see the boat show at all! so surprising!) While in Vegas we did 2 shows, 1 – the Monster truck Jam finals and 2 – Mystere.

monsterjam The monster truck show was amazing. for anyone who might want to go know that it is LOUD and you need to protect your ears! and I suggest having headphones that cup over the ears for children who are young as the ones you put in the ears are very hard to manage! We loved the racing, the jumping, the crashes, the fire, the truck getting stuck in the metal prop, the other cars jumping over and flipping near that truck during the freestyle…. a great show for little boys, and very enjoyable for all!

cirquerealI have been a fan of Cirque du Soleil for a long time, it was great getting to see Mystere. Creatively done and full of acrobatics which I am always amazed by. My boys were clearly inspired that night at the hotel they became the “moving statues”. Doing acrobatics together! Wcirquee all agreed we should just leave them behind in Vegas to join the show! 😉 obviously we chose to take them with us.


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