Proud to be a M.O.B.

IMG_5027 I know, long time no post. Easter went off without a hitch… then we finished our last week of spring break.

I have been using all my spare time in order to make some things, handprint art and hair bows, to sell at an upcoming “sale”. Also to get some advertising done. On top of that I have been working out every day. So free time has been few and far between. I am VERY glad we are all back on normal schedules! 😀

So, the main point of my blog to day is to advertise something from one of my favorite sites. I am proud to be a MOB. What is that you ask? a Mother of Boys! A couple of years ago a friend of mine had a link on Facebook and since then they have brought me a lot of encouragement about the challenges involved in raising men. Starting the first day of May is 21 days of prayer. I am excited. I have been having some intense conversations with my oldest these days and I am really burdened for him right now, I feel like God is drawing his heart and I feel much pressure to lead him in the right way. He is growing up so fast!

I recommend this site for anyone that needs encouragement…. Until later I am off to work on my “girly” things again.


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