Ever had one of those days?

idea3The kids were fighting constantly. Every time I asked for help I got attitude. Everyone was bored. No one wanted to help. Everyone wanted mommy to do something. You know, THOSE days? Well, I had one about a week ago. The last straw was asking for help to carry water to the cucumbers… something that usually I have lots of volunteers for. Now, attitude. So instead of yelling (that sometimes happens…) I went inside and strategized. And from there our point system was born.

I printed out a picture of a beyblade (the things we are obsessed with right now!) and had each boy color theirs. While they were coloring I printed out tickets and cut them out and figured out a point system. Then I folded, glued, taped the beyblade and stuck it on the fridge (I just put a normal fridge magnet inside).   idea2

The basic idea? Nothing is free at mommy’s house anymore. Well except for normal living things – food, bed, transport… You want candy, you need tickets. You want computer time, you need tickets. How, you ask, do you get tickets? You work for it. 😉 Here is an example of some of our chores:

– make bed – 1 ticket; give cats water – 1 ticket; clean room – 3 tickets; sweep porch – 5 tickets, make mommy’s bed – 5 tickets; help mow grass – 10 tickets.

– computer time – 10 tickets 30 minutes; candy – 3 tickets, etc

idea1I have also considered charging them for attitude and different things but haven’t come up with how much yet. This is a developing idea. 🙂

Let me say the attitude in our house changed INSTANTLY. I have never seen such quick results. All we can hope is that it will continue!


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